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Unnumbered Special Publications

  • Geology and Urban Development | Association of Engineering Geologists Southern California Section Special Publication; 23 p.
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  • Rock Mechanics Theory—Experiment—Practice | Proceedings of the 24th Symposium on Rock Mechanics: Hoskins, E.R. (chairman); Mathewson, C.C. (ed.); 1983; 856 p.
  • Professional Practice Handbook, 2nd edition | Brown, G. A.; and Proctor, R. J. (eds.); 1985.
  • Professional Practice Handbook, 3rd edition | Hoose, S. N. (ed.); 1993.

Numbered Special Publications


Urban Landslide Hazard Mapping:
A Case Study in Orinda, California, USA

J. David Rogers; Dan Wang; Rune Storesund;

Environmental & Engineering Geoscience;

October, 2023, Vol.31, i-242

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Vol. 1—Tepel, R. E. (Convenor); 2002, Sustainability and Stewardship
Vol. 2—Elefrits, C. D. (Convenor); 2003, Degree Program Quality and Accreditation
Vol. 3—Hempen, G. L.; and Hatheway, A. W. (Convenors); 2004, Site Characterization
Vol. 4—Tepel, R. E. (Convenor); 2004; Understanding Conflict and Cooperation in the Practice of Engineering Geology

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31. Urban Landslide Hazard Mapping: A Case Study in Orinda, California, USA | J. David Rogers; Dan Wang; Rune Storesund; Environmental & Engineering Geoscience; October, 2023, Vol.31, i-242.

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