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2024 (Click Here to View)

How Climate Change Impacts Infrastructure
April 15, 2024 | Speaker:  Cynthia Palomares, P.G., P.E. (2023-2024 Jahns Lecturer, 2019-2020 AEG President)

All you need to know about publishing in a peer-reviewed journal
March 6, 2024| Moderator: Sarah Kalika, AEG President
Isaac Pope (AEG student member, E&EG Journal Book Editor & published researcher)
Thomas Oommen (AEG E&EG Journal editorial board)
Eric Peterson (GSA E&EG Journal co-editor) 

How to Prepare and Strategize for the ASBOG 
February 05, 2024 | Moderator: Chris Hughes, G.I.T., ANS Geo, Inc.; Austin, TX. Presenters: Rick Kolb, L.G., North Carolina Department of Environmental Quality, Brownfields Section (part-time); Raleigh, NC, Martin Helmke, Ph.D., P.G., Professor of Geology; West Chester University of Pennsylvania; West Chester, PA; ASBOG®Member, Jacob Frishberg, G.I.T., Junior Geologist at Core Environmental, New York, NY, Julian Cohen, G.I.T., Staff Geologist at CWM-H2O in Portland, OR, Catherine Schmidt, G.I.T., ANS Geo, Inc.; Austin, TX

AEG State of the Association
January 24, 2024| Speaker: Sarah Kalika, AEG President

2023 (Click Here to View)

SYPSC Career Panel Webinar
November 8, 2023 | Moderator: Renee Wawczak, Vice President of AEG, US EPA | Panelists: Dr. Tej Gautam, Associate Professor of Geology at Marietta College in Ohio; Jacquelene Betancourt, Staff Geologist at UES in West Sacramento, CA; Francisco Saldana, Project Geologist at Gannett Fleming in Roseville, CA

2023 Annual Meeting Virtual Day
September 9, 2023 | Available only to registered attendees

How to prepare and strategize for the ASBOG Fundamentals of Geology Exam
July 26, 2023 | Moderator: Chris Hughes, G.I.T., ANS Geo, Inc.; Austin, TX | Speakers: Nathaniel Leichty, G.I.T., ANS Geo, Inc.; Catherine Schmidt, G.I.T., ANS Geo Inc.; Julian Cohen, G.I.T, Associate Instructor, IU Geologic Field Station; Dr. Jason Patton, PG, Former President of ASBOG 

Emergency Response: Remediating the Damage from a Parade of Atmospheric Rivers in Northern California
July 21, 2023 | Speaker: Justin Lindeman, Cal Engineering & Geology 

How can engineering geology help society to meet the challenge of a changing climate
April 12, 2023 | Jahns Lecturer: Vincent Cronin

State of the Association
March 8, 2023 | Speaker: Nate Saraceno, AEG President

ASBOG Fundamentals of Geology Exam
January 12, 2023 | Speakers: Chris Hughes, G.I.T.; Jason Patton, Ph.D., P.G.; Colleen Ranieri, G.I.T.; Kellen Kromm, L.G.; Brooklyne Goode, G.I.T.

2022 (Click Here to View)

SYPSC Career Panel Webinar
November 9, 2022 | Speakers: Sarah Kalika; Courtney Johnson; Marty Goff; Renee Wawczak; Scott Burns

Vapor Intrusion- From Assessment to Mitigation
October 13, 2022 | Speaker: Jim Fineis, PG

Geohazards & Mitigation Case Studies
September 21, 2022 | Speaker: Dru Miller

An Open Conversation About Sustainability for the Day-to-Day ENV/Geo Engineer/Geologist
September 1, 2022 | Speaker: Charlie Wildman

Navigating Through School and Internship
April 6, 2022 | Speaker: Betty Lee

Panel Discussion: Careers in Environmental and Engineering Geology
February 17, 2022 | Speakers: Rick Kolb, LG; Emily Michael, GIT; Kellen Kromm, PG; Hayley Irick

How to prepare and strategize for the ASBOG Fundamentals of Geology Exam
January 27, 2022 | Speakers: Rick Kolb, LG; Emily Michael, GIT; Kellen Kromm, PG; Hayley Irick

ASTM E1527-21 Phase I Environmental Site Assessments - Industry Update
January 25, 2022 | Speaker: Julie Kilgore

2021 (Click Here to View)

The September 18, 2018 Sunny Day Landslide in Warrensville, Ashe County, North Carolina: Disaster Narrowly Averted Following a Series of Unfortunate Events
December 7, 2021 | Speakers: Rick Wooten; Bart L. Cattanach; G. Nicholas Bozdog; Sierra J. Isard

Coastal Change at Fire Island, NY: Influences of Storms, Geology and People
November 18, 2021 | Speaker: Dr. Cheryl. J. Hapke

Navigating Through School and Internship
September 14, 2021 | Speaker: Betty Lee

Human Influence on Large-scale Coastal Behavior: Evidence from the New England and Mid-Atlantic Coasts
September 1, 2021 | Speaker: Dr. Cheryl. J. Hapke

How to Prepare and Strategize for the ASBOG® Fundamentals of Geology Exam
July 26, 2021 | Speakers: Rick Kolb, LG; Alex Lefitz, LG; Lee Drago, PG; Jonathan Ebenhack, PG

Fault and Groundwater Exploration Using Vp/Vs Ratios, Guided Waves, and Other Seismic Methods
June 8, 2021 | Speaker: Rufus Catchings

Engineering Geology: Fundamental Input or Random Variable?
May 20, 2021 | Speaker: Jeffrey R. Keaton, PhD, PE, PG

Coastal Landslides and Highway Management, Big Sur, California
May 11, 2021 | Speaker: Dr. Cheryl. J. Hapke

What We’ve Learned Since the Kingston Ash Spill – Safely Closing Ash Ponds
April 27, 2021 | Speaker: Anna Saindon, P.E., R.G., Ph.D.

The Cascade Volcanoes: A Living Laboratory for Pure and Applied Geoscience
April 12, 2021 | Speaker: Isaac Pope

How to Prepare and Strategize for the ASBOG® Fundamentals of Geology Exam
February 22, 2021 | Speakers: Rick Kolb, LG; Holly Peterson, PhD, LG; Alec Alec Dziwanowski, LG; Jennie Rietman, GIT; Rohit Warrier, PhD, LG

Earth, Wind, Rain, and Fire: The connections between global warming, severe weather, and wildfires
February 8, 2021 | Speaker: Jerry King

Emerging Contaminant 1,4 Dioxane: What Do We Know?
January 26, 2021 | Speaker: Joan Smyth, PG

Radon Education in Geographically Challenging and Geologically Dynamic Alaska
January 14, 2021 | Speaker: Jennifer E. Athey

2020 (Click Here to View)

Lobbying and Tracking Legislative Issues Pertaining to Geologists
December 17, 2020 | Speaker: G.V. Ayers

Advances in EVO Deployment to Enhance Subsurface Distribution for Anaerobic Bioremediation
December 3, 2020 | Speaker: Gary M. Birk, PE

Geology and the Birth of Landscape Photography: Following Vittorio Sella, Bradford Washburn, and Ansel Adams
October 26, 2020 | Speaker: Paul Santi

State of AEG, and Blasting Techniques used in Civil and Mining Projects
October 12, 2020 | Speaker: William Godwin

Development of Flood Protection System in the Mississippi Delta
September 30, 2020 | Speaker: J. David Rogers

Earthquake Hazards & Earthquake Risks in the Central US
September 9, 2020 | Speaker: Phyllis Steckel

You Don't Look Like a Geologist, Let's Talk about Diversity (or the Lack Thereof) in the Geosciences
September 2, 2020 | Speaker: Deborah Green

A Tale of Three Dams Along the Owens Valley Fault System
August 21, 2020 | Speaker: Scott Lindvall

Nuts and Bolts of a Remediation Site
August 11, 2020 | Speaker: Pat Frost; Becky Johnson; Rene Truan

Explorations in Environmental Geology
July 30, 2020 | Speaker: Maddie German

Forensic Engineering Geology of Landslides
July 9, 2020 | Speaker: Dr. Scott Burns

Engineering Geology Applied in the Mining Industry
June 24, 2020 | Speaker: David W. Bieber, PG, PGP, CEG, CHG

Naturally Occurring Asbestos in the United States: Occurrences, Regulations, Mitigation Methods, and Emerging Issues
June 10, 2020 | Speaker: Sarah E. Kalika, PG, CAC, CDPH I/A/S

A Post-Earthquake Investigation in the Eastern United States
May 21, 2020 | Speaker: Dave Fenster

Applied Geology is an "Essential" Profession
May 19, 2020 | Speaker: Dave Fenster

State of AEG followed by the GEER 2010 Darfield New Zealand Earthquake Investigation
May 6, 2020 | Speaker: William Godwin, PG, CEG

RCRA Requirements for Hazardous Waste Land-Based Units
April 16, 2020 | Speaker: Cynthia Palomares, PG, PE

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