Rock Mechanics

The Rock Mechanics Committee has the responsibility of keeping the membership informed about activities and aspects of rock mechanics that are of interest and have technical application to Engineering Geology, including upcoming meetings, seminars and conferences.

Technical Working Groups are activated or deactivated by the President, in consultation with the Executive Council and/or Board of Directors. The President appoints chairs and the Immediate Past President manages Working Group activities. Technical Working Groups are requested to:

  1. Provide material for each AEG NEWS that may include activity reports, news items, meeting notices, or important literature references
  2. Organize and hold symposia at an Annual Meeting at least every three (3) years
  3. Update the technical portion of the website with literature references and technical resources annually
The Immediate Past President is the Coordinator of Technical Working Groups and shall provide coordination among the Groups, liaison between the Groups and the Board, and distribution of Association information to various Technical Working Group Chairs.