Welcome Students and Educators

AEG offers an extensive array of opportunities for students and educators with online resources, publications, meetings, and seminars. AEG Chapter meetings enable students and educators to interact with practicing professionals and learn more about applied geology. AEG encourages student participation at AEG events to learn more about this exciting profession. AEG also supports student chapters across the country.

Student Resources:

AEG provides information and resources to students regarding geology academic programs, scholarships, field camps and other resources to help you plan your academic path. Becoming a student member of AEG will help you better prepare for a career in applied geology and can open doors for future employment. To learn more about AEG and its benefits for students, click on the appropriate link below:

  • High School Students - In addition to providing high school students access to information about academic programs and scholarships, this section is organized to provide details about the profession, introduce geologic hazards, and highlight case histories submitted by current AEG members and professionals.
  • Undergraduate Students - This section of the website is arranged to assist undergraduate students currently majoring or considering majoring in an earth science field. Links provide information about the profession, summer field camps, student chapters, publications, and technical resources.
  • Graduate Students - This section of the website is organized to provide students pursuing graduate degrees with information on employment, professional Chapters, publications, and technical resources. Graduate students without backgrounds in earth science and geology may want to explore the links for High School and Undergraduate students.

Educator Resources:

AEG provides access to valuable resources for educators in the geosciences and information on available AEG scholarships and grants.