2021-2022 AEG President

 Maddie German



I received my geology degree from Appalachian State University in Boone, North Carolina. My graduating class had 9 majors; fortunately, the program has grown significantly since. Attending school in the mountains was amazing because on beautiful days, there would be a sign on the lab door that said, “meet at the van”; plus, I could go snowboarding for credit.

My first science job after college was working at an analytical laboratory running various digestions and wet chemistry analysis. Now, I work primarily on environmental issues, doing site investigations, soil and groundwater remediation and compliance work in the southeast.

Outside of work I try to travel as much as possible (even now) and spend time with my loving, senior pups. I recently caught the mountain bike bug and have been enjoying new adventures riding the trails in Georgia.

One of my goals for the next year is to write you a letter each month sharing about the business of the Association, interesting items in the geosciences, upcoming events, or just random musings on life. Hopefully you will find them useful and entertaining.

Please reach out to me at [email protected] with thoughts, comments, suggestions, etc.; I want to hear from you. Thank you for your contributions to AEG, the geosciences and life.

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