Special Publications

Unnumbered Special Publications

  • Geology and Urban Development: Association of Engineering Geologists Southern California Section Special Publication, 23 p.
  • Geology, Seismicity and Environmental Impact: Moran, Douglas E.; Slosson, J. E.; Stone, R. O.; and Yelverton, C. A., (eds.), 1973 (Los Angeles, University Publishers).
  • Professional Practice Handbook: Brown, G.A., and Proctor, R.J., (eds), 1981.
  • Rock Mechanics Theory—Experiment—Practice: Proceedings of the 24th Symposium on Rock Mechanics: Hoskins, E.R., (chairman), Mathewson, C.C., (ed.), 1983, 856 p.
  • Professional Practice Handbook, 2nd edition: Brown, G. A., and Proctor, R. J., (eds.), 1985.
  • Professional Practice Handbook, 3rd edition: Hoose, S. N., (ed.), 1993.

Numbered Special Publications

     1. Loma Prieta Earthquake: Engineering Geologic Perspectives: Baldwin, J. E., II, and Sitar, N., (eds.), 1991, 170p. 

     2. Academic Preparation for Careers in Engineering Geology and Geological Engineering: Higgins, J. D., and Williams, J. W., (eds.), 1991, 83 p.

     3. Geophysical Methods for Hazardous Waste Site Characterization: Hempen, G. L., and Hatheway, A. W., 1992, 54 p.

     4. Engineering Geology Practice in Southern California: Pipkin, B. W., and Proctor, R. J., (eds.), 1992, 769 p. (Belmont, Calif., Star Publishing Co.)

     6. Perspectives in Paleoseismology: Serva, Leonello, and Slemmons, David B., 1995, 139 p. 

     7. Professional Licensure for Geologists, an Exploration of Issues: Tepel, R. E., 1995, 123p.

     8. Land Subsidence Case Studies and Current Research: Proceedings of the Dr. Joseph F. Poland Symposium on Land Subsidence: Borchers, J. W., (ed.), 1998, 576 p.  (Belmont, Calif., Star Publishing Co.)

     9. Characterization of Weak and Weathered Rock Masses: Santi, P. M., and Shakoor, A., (eds.), 1997, 233 p.

     10. Earthquakes—Converging at Cascadia: Wang, Y., and Neuendorf, K. K. E., (eds.), 1997, 90 p. 

     11. Environmental, Groundwater, and Engineering Geology: Applications from Oregon: Burns, Scott, (ed.), 1998, 689 p. (Belmont, Calif., Star Publishing Co.) 

     12. Engineering Geology Practice in Northern California: Ferriz, Horacio and Anderson, Robert, (eds.), 2001, 658 p.

     13. Perspectives–A Collection of Lessons Learned from a Career of Intense Practice in Enginering Geology: Hatheway, A. W., 2005, CD-ROM, 449 p.

     15. Engineering Geology in Colorado–Contributions, Trends, and Case Histories: Boyer, D. D., Santi, P. M., and Rogers, W. P., 2003, CD-ROM.

     16. Field Guide to Crack Patterns in Buildings: Audell, H. S., 2006, 75 p. 

     19. Visioning the Future of Engineering Geology: Four-volume series, one CD-ROM.

          Vol. 1—Tepel, R. E., (Convenor), 2002, Sustainability and Stewardship
          Vol. 2—Elefrits, C. D., (Convenor), 2003, Degree Program Quality and Accreditation
          Vol. 3—Hempen, G. L., and Hatheway, A. W., (Convenors), 2004, Site Characterization
          Vol. 4—Tepel, R. E., (Convenor), 2004, Understanding Conflict and Cooperation in the Practice of Engineering Geology.

     20. Mass Wasting Following the 2002 Missionary Ridge Fire Near Durango, Colorado, a Field Trip Guidebook: Coe, J. A. (ed.), 2007, 54 p.

     21. Field Trip Guidebooks, 1st North American Landslide Conference, Vail, Colorado: Noe, D. C., and Coe, J. C., (eds.), 2007, CD-ROM, 293 p.

     22. Landslides and Society: Proceedings of the First North American Landslide Conference: Turner, A. K., and Schuster, R. L., (eds.), 2007, 398 p. 

     23. Conference Presentations,1st North American Landslide Conference, Vail, Colorado: Schaefer, V. R., Schuster, R. L., and Turner, A. K., (eds.), 2007, CD-ROM, 1895 p. + index.

     24. The Creepy (Slow Moving) Landslides of the Portuguese Bend Area: Douglas, R., 2013, 73 p., (E-book).

     25. The Residential Geotechnical Evaluation for Ownership Transfer: A Risk Assessment Guideline: Audell, H. S., 2013, 165 p., (E-book).

     26. Applied Geology in California: Anderson, R. and Ferriz, H., (eds.), 2016, 1000 p. (all transactions related to this publication are handled via the linked website)

     27. Landslides: Putting Experience, Knowledge and Emerging Technologies into Practice: De Graff, Jerome V. and Shakoor, Abdul (eds.), 2017, 994 p. (USB Flash Drive) 

     28. Debris-Flow Hazards Mitigation: Mechanics, Monitoring, Modeling, and Assessment: Kean, J. W., Coe, J. A., Santi, P. M, and Guillen, B. K., (eds.), 2019, 1076 p. For Individual Proceedings click here.

     29. Geology of Sacramento, California: Garry Maurath, Robert Anderson, Christopher Dennis, 2018.

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