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November 2023 | Vol. 29 No. 4

Topographic Controls on the Duration of Sinkhole Flooding in Central Tennessee, USA

Mark Abolins; Albert Ogden

Appendix A (PDF) 

The chemistry of karst ice faces and floors: analysis of Snežna and Ivačičeva Caves, Slovenia

Devin Foster Smith; W. Berry Lyons; Susan A. Welch; Matija Zorn; Jure Tičar; Matej Lipar; Anne E. Carey 

Supplementary Material (PDF) | Supplementary Figure 1 (JPG) | Supplementary Figure 2 (JPG)

Supplementary Table 1 (Excel) | Supplementary Table 2 (Excel) | Supplementary Table 3 (Excel)


August 2023 | Vol. 29 No. 3

Hydrochemical Delineation of Spring Recharge in an Urbanized Karst Basin, Central Kentucky (USA) 

Alan E. Fryar; Benjamin J. Currens; Cristopher S. Alvarez Villa

Appendix A (PDF) | Appendix B (PDF)

Assessing landscape and seasonal controls on soil CO2 fluxes in a karst sinkhole

Ryan D. Stewart; Taryn Thompson; Daniel L. McLaughlin; Madeline Schreiber

Appendix (PDF)

Potential of cave sediments as a proxy for tropical cyclone and storm activity

Jason Polk; Philip van Beynen

Appendix 1 (PDF) | Appendix 2 (PDF)


May 2023 | Vol. 29 No. 2

New Insights from Legacy Seismic Data Regarding Basalt Elevations and Permeability on the Hanford Site 

James T. St. Clair; Adam R. Mangel; Tim C. Johnson

Appendix A (PDF) 


November 2022 | Vol. 28 No. 4

Simple Shear Strength Analysis of Inherent Anisotropy for a Tropical Alluvial Soil 

Alsidqi Hasan

Appendix A (PDF)   |    Appendix B (PDF)   |    Appendix C (PDF)


August 2022 | Vol. 28 No. 3

Land Subsidence Due to Creep of the Gulf Coast Aquifer System in the Houston-Galveston Region

Yi Liu; Jiang Li

Appendix A (PDF)


November 2021 | Vol. 27 No. 4

Rainfall Thresholds for Post-Fire Debris-Flow Generation, Western Sierra Nevada, CA  

Chad K. Neptune; Jerome V. De Graff; Christopher J. Pluhar; Jeremy T. Lancaster; Dennis M. Staley

Field Photographs (PDF)

Raw Data (Excel)