Membership Categories
AEG offers several classes of membership for professionals and students.

Full Member - $160 USD annual dues
Applicants for regular membership must hold a degree in environmental geology, engineering geology or geological engineering, hydrogeology, or a degree in a related professional field with 30 semester hours of credit in the geosciences. In addition, the applicant must be practicing in the field of Engineering Geology, Environmental Geology, or Hydrogeology.

Early Career Full Member - $80 USD annual dues
Applicants for early career membership shall be student members who renew their AEG membership following graduation to become a Full Member. Early Career Full membership discounts as a one-time benefit good for three consecutive years of membership at the early career rate.

International Member - $25 USD annual dues
Geologists outside the U.S. may join in the International Member category. International membership includes online access to the E&EG Journal, AEG Member Directory, Annual Meeting Program with Abstracts and AEG News magazine.

Teacher Member - $40 USA annual dues
Applicants for teacher membership must be teachers at the primary, secondary, or post-secondary level.

AEG also has a non-professional membership category for students.

Student Member - no cost, must renew annually
Student members are exempt from both annual Association dues and their local chapter fees. Applicants must be enrolled as full-time students.

Affiliate Member - $110 USD annual dues

Applicants for affiliate membership shall be scientists or engineers who work with environmental or engineering geologists or hydrogeologists or persons interested in those areas of practice. 

Retired and interested in membership? Contact us about Senior Emeritus and Emeritus membership.

Emeritus Members - Any person, 62 years or older, who has previously been a Full Member and who has retired from active practice is eligible to become an Emeritus Member.

Senior Emeritus Members - Any person, 62 years or older, who has retired from active practice and has been a Full Member for at least 25 years is eligible to become a Senior Emeritus Member.