OEEG Project Award

The Outstanding Environmental and Engineering Geologic Project Award was established in 1993 to recognize a project that meets the following criteria: 

  1. Displays national or international significance.
  2. Demonstrates the application of the principles of environmental and engineering geology to the solution of a problem affecting the public.
  3. Shows recognition of and respect for the environment and history and culture of the project area.
  4. Provides an opportunity for public education in:
     a. environmental and engineering geology,
     b. environmental issues, and
     c. culture and history of the area. 

The Association has gained a significant amount of public relations value from this award and therefore, the Board of Directors thoughtfully considers each nomination prior to selection. 

Award Conditions:

  1. Only one project may be designated per year.
  2. The award is not necessarily given every year.
  3. The award consists of: 
    a. A large plaque to be placed in public view on or near the project.
    b. A small metal photo-reproduced copy of the award plaque on a wooden plaque to be presented to each project honoree.
  4. The dedication date on the plaque shall be the date of the opening session of the AEG Annual Meeting.
  5. The award ceremony shall be during the opening session of the Annual Meeting and followed, if possible, by a general technical session or symposium on a topic related to the Outstanding Environmental and Engineering Geologic Project.

Selection Procedure:

  1. Projects may be nominated by anyone, but must be endorsed by an AEG Chapter. The Planning Committee for the next Annual Meeting is encouraged to nominate an appropriate project in their region.
  2. Nomination documentation must be sent to the President, who serves as chair of the selection committee, at least 90 days prior to the next mid-year Board meeting (typically held in late April or early May).
  3. The Selection Committee shall consist of the President (chair) and the two immediate Past Presidents.
  4. Nomination documentation shall include and describe:
    a. National or international significance of the project.
    b. Project description, including: history of project need, problem solved, environmental and engineering geologic principles applied, protection and enhancement of the environment, benefit to the public, advancement of public’s understanding of geology and engineering geology, enhancement of local cultural and historical understanding, and photographs of the project.
    c. Proposed citation for large plaque.
    d. Proposed public location of plaque.
    e. Proposed technical session or symposium moderator/organizer and topics including titles and authors.
    f. Author committed to write the article about the project for the Winter issue of AEG NEWS.
    g. Person committed to organizing the award ceremony, including invitations to speakers, representatives, project honorees and public representation, and preparing printed ceremony program.
    h. Person who will coordinate production of the large plaque and other awards.
    i. Name, title, and address of project honorees.

Nomination Packages should be submitted to AEG President ([email protected]) and AEG Headquarters ([email protected]) by March 1. 

Online Nomination Form


1993 The San Antonio River Walk, San Antonio, Texas
1994 Interstate Highway 70 through Glenwood Canyon, Colorado
1995 The West Coast Basin, Dominguez Gap, and Alamitos Seawater Intrusion Barrier System, Los Angeles, California
1996 No Award Bestowed
1997 Westside Light Rail Transit Tunnel, Portland, Oregon
1998 Spirit Lake Memorial Highway (State Route 504), Gateway to Mount St. Helens, Washington State
1999 Inland Sea Shorebird Reserve, Mining with Environmental Enhancement, Salt Lake County, Utah
2000 Silicon Valley Groundwater Cleanup Project, California
2001 Weldon Springs Site Remedial Action Project, Missouri
2002 Sparks Marina Park, Sparks, Nevada
2003 Lachine Canal – Revitalization of the Canal and Neighborhood, Montreal, Quebec, Canada
2004 Ford Rouge Center and Dearborn Truck Plant
2005 Hoover Dam and Lake Mead, Nevada
2006 Boston's "Big Dig" (No award - presentation only)
2007 Metro Red Line Subway, Los Angeles, California
2008  Strategic Petroleum Reserve U.S. Department of Energy, Gulf Coast USA
2009  Devil’s Slide Tunnel Project, California 
2010  George Washington Memorial Parkway, Arlington, Virginia: Innovative Rock Slope Stabilization 
2011  Trans-Alaska Pipeline System, Alaska
2012 San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge East Span Seismic Safety Project, California
2013  Elwha River Restoration Project, Washington
2014 The Hoover Dam Bypass Project, Arizona and Nevada
2015 No Award Bestowed
2016 The US 89 Bitter Springs Landslide Repair, Arizona Department of Transportation
2017 Colorado Inactive Mine Reclamation Project
2018 The Calaveras Dam Replacement Project, San Francisco Public Utilities Commission
2019 The Tennessee Valley Authority Boone Dam Internal Erosion Remediation Project, Kingsport Tennessee
2020 2018 US Route 30 Emergency Landslide Remediation Project
2021 The San Antonio River Improvements Project

Lake Mead Intake No. 3 and Low Lake Level Pumping Station