The Schuster Medal

The Schuster Medal is a joint award from the Association of Environmental & Engineering Geologists and the Canadian Geotechnical Society that recognizes excellence in geohazards research in North America. All nominees for the Schuster Medal must meet at least two of the following criteria:

  • Professional excellence in geohazards research with relevance to North America.
  • Significant contribution to public education regarding geohazards.
  • International recognition for a professional career in geohazards.
  • Influential geohazards research or development of methods or techniques.
  • Teacher of students who work on geohazards issues.

Nominations are due January 31 and should be submitted to Headquarters. Each nomination should include a one-page CV and a one or two page justification for the nominee. 



2007 – Robert L. Schuster

2008 – Oldrich Hungr

2009 – Barry Voight

2010 – Norbert R. Morgenstern

2012 – Derek Cornforth

2013 – Jacques Locat

2014 – Keith Turner

2015 – David Cruden

2016 – D. Jean Hutchinson

2017 – Dr. Abdul Shakoor

2018 – Scott Burns

2019 - John Clague