Outstanding Reviewer for E&EG Journal Award

The Outstanding Reviewer for Environmental and Engineering Geoscience Journal Award, first presented in 2007, is given to an individual who has provided extended service by reviewing numerous manuscripts. This service includes providing, in a timely manner, critical evaluations, detailed comments, corrections of grammar and syntax, thoughtful suggestions for changes to improve the quality of the manuscript, and guidance to the Editors in making a decision regarding the manuscript.

2007 – Roy J. Shlemon, Jeffrey R. Keaton
2008 – Barbara Mahler, Douglas F. Hambley
2009 – Michael W. Hart
2010 – No Award Bestowed
2011 – Resat Ulusay
2012 – William Gates
2013 – William C. Haneberg
2014 – No Award Bestowed
2015 – George D. Gardner
2016 – Dr. Matt Polizzotto
2017 – Terry S Transky
2018 – William Roman
2019 – Dr. Brian Bruckno
2020 – Zachary Leibowitz
2021 – Dr. William Roman
2022 – Chester (Skip) F. Watts
2023 – Paul Santi

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