The OSO Landslide – AEG members respond

The recent tragedy in Oso, Washington brings home the important work our profession does to protect the public. Unfortunately, we were not able to save those that perished in this recent event, and we wish to express our deepest sympathy to the families and community of Oso. There are a number of charities accepting donations for the community, click HERE for more information on ways to give.

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Gath named 2015 Richard H. Jahns Distinguished Lecturer

Long-time AEG member Eldon Gath has been named this year’s Richard H. Jahns Distinguished Lecturer in Applied Geology. The lectureship is awarded jointly by the Environmental and Engineering Geology Division of the Geological Society of America GSA (awarded at the Vancouver, BC Annual Meeting, October 2014) and AEG (awarded at the Scottsdale Annual Meeting, September 2014). Please consider helping Eldon to contact potentially interested University Geology (Environmental, Geological and Geotechnical Engineering) Departments and professional groups starting this fall. Click HERE for more information.

2014 AEG Annual Meeting

September 20-28 2014

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