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Student Professional Paper Award
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The Association acknowledges the work of geology students by the Student Professional Paper Contest. Annually, the Association may make two awards at the Annual Meeting to student members in good standing in undergraduate and/or graduate divisions. The professional paper award is made for papers of merit prepared in the style of the Environmental & Engineering Geoscience journal. The award in each category includes a cash prize, certificates to the student member and their academic institution, and publication of the paper in the Spring issue of Environmental & Engineering Geoscience

Topics of the papers worthy of publication may range from literature searches to original work. The papers are judged by seven full members of AEG selected by the President. None of the judges may be employed by an academic institution. Each paper is assessed on a number of criteria. The award in each of the two categories is made to the student whose paper has received the highest score above a minimum level.

Papers should be written and submitted in standard AEG/GSA journal format. Electronic copies should be submitted to the Student Professional Paper Contest Coordinator: Please send either pdf files or MS word files where all figures have been compressed.

The deadline for entry submission is May 1, 2016.


1980 – William F. Cole, Texas A&M University (Graduate Division) 
1981 – Cynthia L. Cason, Texas A&M University (Graduate Division) 
1982 – Clifford Pollock, Texas A&M University (Graduate Division) 
1982 – George W. Skladal, Jr., Texas A&M University (Undergraduate Division) 
1984 – Richard S. Hazen, University of California, Los Angeles (Graduate Division) 
1985 – Alan B. Brillinger, Texas A&M University (Graduate Division) 
1986 – Jeffrey S. Neathery, Texas A&M University (Graduate Division) 
1987 – Katherine T. Clemence, Texas A&M University (Undergraduate Division) 
1987 – Greg D. Naugle, Colorado School of Mines (Graduate Division) 
1988 – James S. Eblen, Texas A&M University (Undergraduate Division) 
1988 – Paul M. Santi, Texas A&M University (Graduate Division) 
1989 – T. E. Beehner, Texas A&M University (Graduate Division) 
1993 – David G. Harwood, Texas A&M University (Graduate Division) 
1994 – Clifton F. Wise, Texas A&M University (Graduate Division) 
1996 – Eric Triplett, University of Missouri Rolla (Undergraduate Division) 
1996 – Kirk Palicki, University of California, Berkeley (Graduate Division) 
1997 – M. R. Cox, University of Missouri Rolla (Undergraduate Division) 
1998 – Martin J. Woodard, Radford University (Graduate Division) 
2000 – Christoph Michael Goss, Colorado School of Mines (Graduate Division) 
2002 – Bradley A. Crenshaw, Colorado School of Mines (Graduate Division) 
2003 – Briget C. Doyle, University of Missouri-Rolla (Graduate Division) 
              Runner-up: Heidi Sieverding, South Dakota School of Mines and           Technology (Graduate Division) 
2005 – Adam Prochaska, Colorado School of Mines (Graduate Division)
2007 – Diana I. Cook, Colorado School of Mines (Graduate Division)
2010 – Kevin Mininger, Colorado School of Mines (Graduate Division)
2011 – Nathaniel R. Swanson, Colorado School of Mines (Graduate Division)
2012 No Award Bestowed
2013 No Award Bestowed
2014 No Award Bestowed
2015 – Benjamin Haugen, Colorado School of Mines (Graduate Division)

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