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Piteau Award
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This award, established in 1985, is named in honor of Douglas R. Piteau, a deceased Member of the Association who distinguished himself early in his career as an expert on landslides and rock slope stability. This award is presented to a Member who is age 35 or under (not 36 until January 1 in the year following the Annual Meeting in which the Award is given) and has excelled, either singly or in combination, in the following areas: Technical Accomplishment, Service to the Association, and Service to the Engineering Geology Profession. Each Chapter is, at its discretion, to choose an individual deserving of the Award, to publicize the nomination at the Chapter level, and to nominate the individual to the Awards Committee. Nominations can also be made by the membership at large to the Awards Committee. The Committee, at its discretion, selects a candidate from the nominees for the President’s confirmation. The Award, not necessarily conferred annually, consists of an engraved plaque which is presented at the Annual Banquet. Nominations are due March 15 and should be submitted to Headquarters.


1986 – Nicholas Sitar 
1987 – Robert A. Bauer 
1988 – Peter M. Hansen 
1989 No Award Bestowed
1990 – Charlene Mary Herbst 
1991 – William D. Flanigan 
1992 – Robert A. Hollingsworth 
1993 – Katherine T. Clemence 
1994 – Kerry D. Cato 
1995 No Award Bestowed
1996 – Jeffrey S. Neathery 
1997 – Paul Santi 
1998 – Daniel Scott Kiefer 
1999 – Courtney A. Christ 
2000 – Wendy A. Schell 
2001 – Margaret A. “Peggy” Ganse 
2002 – Corinne Stewart 
2003 – Tim Petz 
2004 – Duane Kreuger 
2005 – Jessica P. Humble
2006 – Matthew B. Morris
2007 – Daniel A. Vellone
2008 – Darrell Sofield
2009 – Briget C. Doyle
2010 – Paula Jo Lemonds
2011 – Nichole J. Wendlandt
2012 – Serin D. Bussell
2013 No Award Bestowed
2014 – Jennifer Bauer
2015 – Nathan R. Saraceno
2017 – Stephanie Coffman
2018No Award Bestowed

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