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Geologist Day - Advocate for geoscience and your fellow geologists
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Geologists’ Day – Do Something Extra!

Geologists’ Day is recognized annually on September 20th.  This date will often fall during or near the AEG Annual Meeting.  There are few other recognized ‘days’ on September 20th so we have little competition.  Pepperoni Pizza Day is probably the most recognized.

Geologists’ Day is when geologists should do something extra.  This is the day when each member and friend of AEG should advocate for geoscience and geologists.  There are real threats to our community and our work, from well-funded delicensing efforts, slashed research budgets, closed university geology departments, creationism proponents, and climate-change deniers.

Geologists’ Day is when geologists should do something extra. Here are just a few ideas: 

  • Lead a local field trip in your community.  Visit an interesting road cut, natural drainage, environmental site, or a geologic hazard.  Invite local elected officials and community leaders.  Keep it simple – your message should be at an 8thgrade level.
  • Offer to speak on a local radio talk show.  Have a story to tell.  Be ready to explain what geologists do, why we and our work are important, and the risks of not paying attention to what geologists know.  Work with the radio host beforehand to generally plan your message but be ready to shift gears – especially if there are call-ins from listeners.
  • Write an editorial for your local newspaper.  Most newspapers welcome well written, thoughtful editorial or opinion pieces.  If there is an ongoing issue in your community that has a geologic aspect, that is a great topic to address.  Keep it non-technical, as non-controversial as possible, and factual.  No spin.  Write it for 8th graders.
  • Send a message to your elected leaders.  Short, thoughtful, factual, and polite messages should be heard.  For state and Congressional leaders, often staffers have specialty issues that they manage.  If you can identify that geoscience staffer, introduce yourself, either in person, by phone, or email.  Offer to be a resource when they need an opinion or feedback.
  • Use social media to raise awareness of geologists and what we do.  Share a successful project, interesting field site, or new topic of interest (all within the approval of your employer, of course).  Students can take advantage of this by simply sharing what it is about geology that they most enjoy.  Colorful minerals?  Field camp?  A recent ‘aha’ moment in class?
  • Give a talk about geology and your work to the local Rotary Club, scout group, or high-school science class.  AEG has a prepared PowerPoint about geology that you can use or cannibalize:

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