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Advocacy Award
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AEG Advocacy Award – Nomination Deadline April 22

The First Advocacy Award was Made at 2018 Annual Meeting


The AEG Advocacy Committee hosted the first AEG Advocacy Award at the 2018 Annual Meeting in San Francisco. This annual award is to recognize and showcase the accomplishments of one or more effective advocates for geological practice. In 2018, the AEG Advocacy Award was presented to Jennifer Bauer.

In 2019, the AEG Advocacy Award again will be made to the person or group whose advocacy and outreach work best promotes the value of geological practice among the general public and/or a legislative body.


2018 AEG Advocacy Award winner Jennifer Bauer

 Recognized efforts may include:

  • Proactive outreach to mainstream media that results in raising the overall awareness of the value of geological practice;
  • Proactive outreach using social media that results in raising the overall awareness of the value of geological practice;
  • Proactive outreach to a legislative body, in anticipation of or in response to, specific legislation or legislative inclination that involves some aspect of geological practice;
  • Proactive outreach to a museum, university, local or tribal government, or similar organization that results in raising the overall public awareness of the value of geological practice; or
  • Proactive outreach, using any relevant means, toward any relevant outcome that beneficially raises the public awareness of geological practice.

The deadline for nominations for the 2019 AEG Advocacy Award is April 22.  All nominations should be sent via email to Eldon Gath (  They will be reviewed and evaluated by the members of the AEG Advocacy Committee.  The decision of the AEG Advocacy Committee is final. 


The bulk of the advocacy and outreach work achieved within each nomination should have been completed within the past three years.  Nominations that have been previously submitted are welcome to submit in future years.


Self-nominations are encouraged.  Each nomination should include the name, mailing address, email address, phone number, and affiliation for the nominee.  There is no specific form needed.  In the case of a group nomination, the main point-of-contact will be shown with full information listed above, as well as the name, affiliation, and email address for each individual in the group. 


The nomination will also include a short essay or listing of the nominee’s efforts and their outcomes. The essay or listing will not exceed 300 words.  Up to three photographs are welcome, but not required.  Photo captions will be limited to 20 words each, and do not count toward the 300-word limit.


At its discretion, the AEG Advocacy Committee has the option to not make an AEG Advocacy Award in any year.  An engraved plaque and a small honorarium will be awarded to the AEG Advocacy Award winner at the AEG Annual Banquet. 


The recipient of the AEG Advocacy Award, as well as other nominees, may have their nominations included in one or more articles in the AEG News and/or the AEG Insider.  In future years, previous winners will not be eligible for three years after their award.





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