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2015 Dam Symposium
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Symposium on Dams Rehabilitation

Speakers (In order of presentation)

Dams Rehabilitation, Part I, Technical Session 7

Dams Rehabilitation, Part II, Technical Session 12

  • Bair, Jeffrey – Dam Foundations & Differing Site Conditions - Calaveras Dam Replacement Project

  • Rogers, Gary – RCC Dam Foundation Preparation and Cleaning - A Photographic Tour of Hard Rock Bottoms

  • Nichols, HollyThe Value of Geologic Services During Construction of Crafton Hills Enlargement Dam, San Bernardino County, California

  • Riley, Donald – RCC Gravity Dam Replacement for the Wohlford Dam, Escondido, CA presented by Kerry Cato

  • Wagner, Cassandra – The Failure of Camara Dam: Repetition of a Known Failure Mode from Misinterpretation of a Geologic Vulnerability

  • Simpson, Bryan – Geologic Discontinuity Mapping, Difference Modeling and Rock Scour Delineation Using Photogrammetric Methods

  • Rutledge, Alex – Diverting Water from the Upper Hidden Basin to Terror Lake, Kodiak, Alaska

  • Perry, David – Subsurface Characterization at LADWP Headworks West Reservoir (HWR) Site, City of Los Angeles

Dams Rehabilitation, Part III, Technical Session 17

Dams Rehabilitation, Part IV, Technical Session 22
  • Serafini, David – Characterization and Mitigation of Fault Rupture Hazard: Engineering Basis of Design for Isabella Auxiliary Dam, California presented by Keith Kelson

  • Lindenbach, Evan – Proposed Temperence Flat Dam - Bureau of Reclamation Rock Mechanics Testing and Reporting

  • George, Michael3D Block Erodibility: Experimental Results and Application

  • Mok, Chin Man – Risk Analysis of Dam Erodibility

  • Loar, Todd Qualitative Foundation Rock Block Stability Evaluation Performed for Green Peter Dam, Oregon

  • Bateman, Vanessa – The SIMDAMS Project: Bringing Dam Safety into the Information Age

  • Bellusci, Chris – We Need a Dam Sensor Reading

  • Nandi, Arpita – Channel Adjustments Associated with Dam Removal: How Important is the Scale of Study?

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