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Continuing Education
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AEG Approved Short Courses and Workshops
(Revised: 6-26-05)  

Contact Heather Clark for more information.

A description of the course and names of the presenters is available by clicking on the short course name.

Advanced Slope Stability Analysis
Applications of Block Theory to Slope Stability Problems in Block Ground
Applied Rock Slope Engineering
BEST GeoSim: A Computer Simulator to Teach Site Investigation Skills
Construction in Karst: What can go wrong and how to fix it
Contracting for Geophysical Services
Design and Analysis of Aquifer Tests
Effective Nonstructural Mitigation Strategies For Earthquakes in Nevada
Engineering and Groundwater Geology Symposium
Engineering Geology for Timber Harvesting, Wildland Management, and Watershed Restoration
Environmental, Groundwater and Engineering Geology Symposium
Field-Developed Cross-Section: A Systematic Method of Portraying Dimensional Subsurface Information and Modeling for Geotechnical Interpretation and Analysis
Geologic Hazards for Realtors [or Bankers] - (Geologic and Hydrologic Hazards in the Las Vegas Valley: Reducing Risk)
Geophysics for Engineering Geologists: A Practical Guide to Applications, Limitations and Benefits
Geotechnical and Environmental Applications of Time Domain Reflectometry
Geotechnical Engineering in Transportation: More Than Just Lines on a Map  (see: More Than Just Lines on a Map – Geotechnical Engineering in Transportation)
Geotechnical Photography
Groundwater and Soil Remediation with Recirculating Well Technology (In Well Aeration)
Hydrology Seminar - 11th Annual Kansas
Internet and Useful PC Applications for Consultants
Introduction to Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
Landslides and Seismicity Workshop
Mapping Natural Hazards Using GIS
More Than Just Lines on a Map – Geotechnical Engineering in Transportation
Paleoseismology in Seismic Hazard Assessment (SHA)
Practical Application of Unsaturated Zone Hydrology
Practical Rock Slope Engineering (Advanced)
Practical Rock Slope Engineering (Introduction)
Recommended Procedures for Implementation of DMG Special Pub 117 - Guidelines for Analyzing and Mitigating Landslide Hazards in California
Rock Slope Engineering for the Practitioner
Slope Stabilization
Soil Stratigraphy for Trench Logging
Stream System Evaluations with Interpretations for Habitat Rehabilitation and Restoration
Tunnels through Fault Rocks and Tectonic Melanges: A Short Course for Engineering Geologists and Geotechnical Engineers
Understanding and Applying Probabilistic Seismic Hazard Analysis
Using RockWorks/2002 as an Analytical and Visual Tool in Site Characterization and Remediation
What Are The Odds? An Introduction to Probabilistic Methods for Environmental Engineering Geologists
Workshop on Application of the UBC/CBC to Engineering Geology and Geotechnical Engineering Problems
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Field Trip at Center Hill Dam and Long Branch Picnic Area

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