Geology of the Cities of the World Current & Pending Papers

Current Papers

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City Date Released
Albuquerque, New Mexico May 1984
Boston, Massachussetts November 1991 
Boulder, Colorado August 1987 
Cairo, Egypt May 1988 
Christchurch, New Zealand January 1995 
Dallas, Texas November 1986 
Denver, Colorado August 1982 
Granada, Spain August 2012 
Hong Kong, China February 1989 
Indianapolis, Indiana May 1983 
Johannesburg, Republic of South Africa May 1986 
Kansas City, Missouri and Kansas August 1988 
Las Vegas, Nevada March 1993 
Lima Peru January 1997 
Long Beach, California February 1983 
Los Angeles, California May 2007 
Memphis, Tennessee May 2012 
Montreal, Quebec, Canada November 1985 
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania February 2015 
Plymouth, England May 2001 
Port Elizabeth, Republic of South Africa November 1987 
Reno and Truckee Meadows, Nevada September 1992 
Rome, Italy November 1989 
Sacramento, California September 2018 
Salt Lake City, Utah November 1990 
San Francisco, California September 2018 
Seattle, Washington August 1991 

Above list is as of September 2, 2020 

Papers to be Developed or Updated

City Start Date
 Asheville, North Carolina TBD
 Boston, Massachusetts November 2018 (under review)
 Jakarta, Indonesia November 2018
 La Paz, Mexico Late 2018
 New York City, New York Under review 
 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania November 2018 
 Rio de Janeiro November 2018 
 Saint Louis, Missouri Under development 
 San Jose, California 2018 
 Washington, D.C. 2019 
 Yogyakarta, Indonesia 2019 


Papers Under Discussion or to Be Updated

City Start Date
Doha, Qatar TBD
Houston, Texas TBD 
Johannesburg, Republic of South Africa Update unknown 
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia TBD 
Manila, Philippines TBD 
San Antonio, Texas Unknown 
San Diego, California TBD 
Shanghai, China Unknown 


Similar Publications

  • Geology of Signapore, 2nd Edition (Done 2009)
    Publication does not follow AEG guidelines. The paper was intended for a different audience in Signapore and is useful publication on the petrography of Signapore.

  • There are also write ups on 23 Canadian cities in the Urban Geology of Canadian Cities  volume.  The papers were inspired by the Cities of the World series by the AEG.

  • The British Geological Survey commissioned geological studies for many cities in the U.K.  The studies results are not similar in formatting to the Geology of the Cities of the World series. To date we have not seen the results from the efforts for any U.K. cities.