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Interactive Field Trip Map

NASL 2nd Announcement Flyer


Trip 1: Mountain Lake Landslides & "Dirty Dancing"

This field trip will explore several geologic and geotechnical issues and past landslide activity related to the formation of Mountain Lake and relatively recent (?) declining water levels. Mountain Lake is famous as the filming location for the 1987 movie “Dirty Dancing.”

Trip 2: The Narrows Landslide & I-81 Rock Slope Stability

A field trip exploring a variety of geologic features and rock slope stability issues in SW Virginia including the Pulaski Fault, injection breccias, ancient rock-block slides, and the Narrows Landslide.

Trip 3: Natural Bridge Rockfall Fatality & Remediation

The field trip will explore rock slope stability issues and remediation of this natural rock arch in Rockbridge County, Virginia. This is the only known natural rock arch to also serve as a major highway (U.S. 11) bridge.

Trip 4: The 1969 Hurricane Camille Debris Flows

This field trip will explore debris flow features in Nelson County associated with Hurricane Camille in 1969 and discuss the history and impact of this event on the local community. Headscarps, debris flow tracks and fans will be explored in the Fortune Cove area, where over 100 coalescing debris flows occurred.

Trip 5: Blue Ridge Debris Deposits & Alluvial Fans

This field trip will explore geomorphic features and deposits of ancient debris fans in the Virginia Blue Ridge. Recent Beryllium-10 dating of ancient debris fans sheds light on landscape evolution in the Southern Appalachians.

Trip 6: Boulders & Beer of the Brew Ridge Trail

This field trip will take the attendees through the “Brew Ridge Trail” of Nelson County, Virginia for a beer tasting excursion. Along the way field trip leaders will discuss the landslide history of the area, including the destructive debris flows from Hurricane Camille in 1969. A number of these breweries are built on coalescing debris fans.

Post-Meeting Field Trip: Wilkes/Watauga County, NC

This two-day field trip will explore a number of geologic sights and landslide features along the Blue Ridge Parkway in Virginia and North Carolina. Highlights include a discussion of rock slope stability issues associated with development along the Linville Falls fault in Boone, NC and debris flows associated with major storms in 1916 and 1940.