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Technical Program/Symposia Conveners

  • The New Future of Engineering Geology: Advancing the Profession and Protecting the Public Through Education, Licensure, Regulatory Compliance Practice, and Guidelines. History, Examples, and Perspectives. (Robert E. Tepel)
  • Aggregates (Dr. Atiye Tugrul)
  • Coastal Hazards: Marine & Coastal Processes (Organized by IAEG-Commission 34, Xiaolei Liu, Ph.D, A.P.)
  • Dams: Sedimentation / Rivers / Failures (Dr. Brian H. Greene and Dr. Donald A. Bruce)
  • Education & Preservation of Engineering Geology / Recognition / Licensure (Keith Turner and Ken Neal)
  • Engineering Geology of Mélanges, BIM rocks, and Similar Soil / Rock Mixtures (Julien Waeber and Edmund Medley)
  • Getting the Geology Right: The Practical Application of Engineering Geology Models (Steve Parry, Jan Novotny and Fred Baynes)
  • Hydrogeology (Lindsay Swain)
  • Landslides: Slope Stability, Rockfall, Rock Mechanics (Bill McCormick and others)
  • Land Subsidence (Michelle Sneed)
  • Levees (Michael Hughes)
  • Naturally Occurring Asbestos (Mark Bailey)
  • Training & IAEG C4 (Fred Baynes)

Guest Tours

Additional Meeting Committee Members